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Engage with world-leading multimodal video AI automation

Clip Promo Videos and Highlights Automatically.

AI clips attractive teasers and promotional videos
automatically from your content using customizable rules. Learn more.

Enable Brand-Safe Contextual Advertising.

Let AI categorize your video scenes with IAB Content Taxonomy and GARM categories to find safe contextual spots for ads in your videos. Learn more.

Automate Captions, Content Logging and Search.

Create accurate speech captions and extract video keywords. Create time-coded tags and search with deep multimodal semantics. Learn more.

Identify Sensitive Content for Compliance.

Let AI scan your videos for any indication of sensual or sexual content, violence, accidents, disasters, drugs, bad language, or underage persons. Learn more.

Analyze Video Moods and Sentiment.

Analyze moods and sentiment through deep emotion analysis of people, voice (speech) and audio. Learn more. 

Customized AI Solutions for Video Businesses.

We build audio-visual AI solutions to your use case whether it is custom video categorization, object detection, or spotting video events. Learn more.

Multimodal AI That Understands Video Like a Human.

Our powerful video AI recognizes speech, keywords, IAB topics, celebrities, multimodal tags, on-screen text, emotions, sentiment and sensitive content in a single pass.

Train custom face recognition and use multimodal search that finds any video scene.

Valossa AI employs state-of-the-art machine learning methods, built with over 20 years of R&D in video intelligence.

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Valossa Portal - Tools to Analyse, Search, Edit and Manage Video Intelligence.

Valossa Portal brings AI powers to users working with video.

Interact with videos through deep content metadata. Create and edit automatically generated captions. Inspect video details. Find concepts and moods inside videos. Train private face recognition. Search inside videos. Start using now.

Enable Creative Automation with AI Promos and Video Highlight Clipping.

Valossa Autopreview edits attractive teasers, highlights and promotional videos from your content. Automate promo clipping with customizable human-like editing rules.

AI creates promos based on emotions, action, dialogue and important scenes to enhance content marketing and improve online user experiences.

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Customer Case Cineverse

Cineverse is using Valossa for its flagship streaming service. AI generates video previews automatically to create dynamic experiences for online users. Wide library of indie content benefits greatly from intelligent video previews to deliver attractive content experiences.

Customer Case
MTV Finland, Broadcaster

MTV Finland has used Valossa AI over the years to deliver great user experiences for MTV’s growing user base with free advertising supported streaming TV. MTV has improved user engagement through automatic video highlights and contextual video discovery.

Why Valossa?

Founded in 2015 by world-leading experts (PhDs and MScs) in computer vision, machine learning, audio-visual intelligence and video information retrieval, Valossa is creating state-of-the-art AI that understands video like a human does.

Valossa is an acknowledged pioneer with cutting edge cognitive media solutions. Our team has over 70 years of combined R&D experience for building novel video intelligence systems. 

Trusted by:

Awards and Testimonies.

Valossa has been recognized as a key player in the recently published Cognitive Media Market reports.
Cognitive Media Market
Cognitive Media Market Research Report 2021
Valossa is ranked by Goldman Sachs as “AI company to watch in 2017”, among Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon & Clarifai. Valossa provides multimodal AI (video, images, voice, text, etc.) to address broad content analysis use cases.
Goldman Sachs
Global Investment Research: Profiles in Innovation – AI, Machine Learning and Data Fuel the Future of Productivity
“As users create and consume more audio/video content, Valossa brings object identification and classification, sentiment analysis, and voice recognition to enterprise video content.”
Cool Vendors in Unified Workspaces
Valossa was selected as one of the scaleup finalists of the EIT Digital Challenge, which aims to identify the best digital deep tech innovations.
EIT Digital
EIT Digital Challenge 2018

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